Packaging & Logisitics Industry

Plastics are often the only answer for the tough requirements of the Packaging industry. They perform tasks no other materials can perform and provide consumers with products and services no other materials can provide. Different plastics offer different qualities, giving manufacturers and consumers the freedom to choose the type of plastic that best suits the application. Plastics can be rigid when protection is needed, or flexible for convenience's sake. They can be clear or opaque. And they can be molded into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Offering safety, quality, convenience and savings, plastic packaging meets needs of all types of customers.

The use of plastics for shipping and storage will continue to grow. Strong, durable and tear resistant, plastic packaging saves energy, space and money. Plastic containers, which generally require less energy to manufacture than other packaging, also require less fuel to transport than heavier materials. Additional savings come from reductions in shipping damage and elimination of the need for additional packing materials, such as partitions between individual products. Strong enough for stacking and moldable into space-saving shapes, plastic containers can maximize warehousing room and lower storage costs.